Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yuyu Anthology Poem, Getting High by Lorraine Conlin

Getting High
After hearing Yuyutsu Sharma on Nepal

He takes me to his world
an abode of snow melts
flows down
treeless steppes
cascades past seasons
rivers of morning rise
unveiling valleys of glacial flow

I inhale
mists of monsoon rains
eternal spring
showers fields of forever
musk deer grazes on
magnolia and mint

I exhale red rhododendron
slants of sunlight
clove, cumin, coriander

He takes me to this place
his temple, his shrine
with words
floating like dust motes     
by Lorraine Conlin/2010

Loraine Conlin is a U.S. Customs Broker at Kennedy Airport.  She hosts “Tuesdays With Poetry” for Poets in Nassau.  She is on staff for PPA, hosting at Sip This and Bellmore Bean Café.  Lorraine is an active member of the LIPC and East End Poetry workshops and on the staff of PPA.  Her poems can be found in numerous publications.  She is a breast cancer survivor and a “student of life”.