Saturday, October 31, 2015

Updated List of Poets

Initially planned to showcase 100 poems
originating from Yuyu’s Works, Readings and Workshops, 
Eternal Snow has now turned into 
An Anthology of 100 Poets' Interactions with the Himalayan Poet 
as we have received more than 150 poems already from 93 poets.

More submissions are pouring in with special last-minute requests.
Thanks to all the contributing to this first of its kind anthology focused on the influence of a traveling Himalayan poet. We intend to finalize and start working towards publication of the book within couple of weeks.Here is the updated list of poets who have contributed to the anthology

John Clarke
Tracie Morell
Lori Ann Kusterbeck
Ravi Shankar
Eileen O’Connor
Gorka Lasa
Chuck Joy
Lorraine Conlin
Paul Nash & Denise La Neve
Andrew Taylor
Eskimo Pie
Christi Shannon Kline
Kathleen D Gallagher
David Austell
Maria Heath
Renay Sanders
Shawn Aveningo
Juan Carlos Abril
Tim Kahl
Dom Kafley
Kathy Smith
Kate Lamberg
Robert Scotto
Anne Fritz
Nancy Aidé Gonzalez
Michael Graves
Marcus Bales
Peter V. Dugan
Aixia de Villanova
Leah Taylor
Bari Falese
Agnes Marton
Patricia Carragon
Doreen D. Spungin
Mindy Kronenberg
David Axlerod
Tony Barnstone
Russ Green
Alessandra Francesca
Eddie Woods
Kim Nuzzo
Charles Peter Watson
Christopher Wheeling
Erica Mapp
Bill Wolak
Civa Bhusal
Deann Meltzer
Bidur Prasad Chaulagain
Vicki Iorio
Barbara Novack
Mary Ryan Garcia
T.M. Göttl
Steve Brightman
Bishwa  Sigdel
Arun Budhathoki
Jack Tar
Nicole Barriere
Kymberly Avinasha Brown
Marion Palm
Hélène Cardona
André Baum
Devin Wayne Davis
Alex Symington
Rajesh Sidhartha
Marisa Moks-Unger
Mary E. Weems
Lorraine  Bouchard
Don Carroll
Anthony Murphy
Timothy Gager
Jack Locke
Anuj Ghimire
Elaine Karas-Shadle
Sabrina Ali
Thomas Chabola
Gaurav Bhattarai
Su Polo
Revigya Joshi
Su Polo
Roger McClain
Ken Ruan
Jen Pezzo
Marcus Calvert
Thomas Jenney
Judy Chabola
Carol Hebald

 - The Editors