Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yuyu Poem for the Anthology, Eternal Snow

'All the way from Kathmandu'
By John Clarke

Yuyutsu ,my good poet friend, from Nepal
Tells me he has brought me a present
All the way from Kathmandu

If it's a yak-a hirsute goat-like creature-
I will use it to keep down the grass
Choking my back garden in Lewisham
Where the grass has lain unmown all year
I'll have to ensure that the beast
doesn't become bloated

I may of course experience some minor difficulty
In getting my yak back from Shoreditch
On a number 47 bus
I can see the headline in the 'Sun'
"Yak in a sack of smack found in the back
of a bus at Catford Garage"

I know I can despatch a swift email
To that phlegmatic poet AF Harrold
Who wrote:"113 ways of looking at a Yak"
Or somesuch witty ditty

Surely he'll have the solution
To my dilemma
And can arrive at an admirably sedate
Decision-he's so so English-
Altho'I do appreciate that Reading
In Berkshire
Is not Sarth East Landan

Maybe I'm getting all of a lather
Over nothing
And the present will be p'raps
A bamboo flute or a mohair suit-
Think I could go with that

After Yuyu reading at Nehru Center, London

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