Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Instant Cerebral Connection: Working on Yuyu's Eternal Snow --By Tracie Morell

Evolution is about process.  Writing, editing, and then writing some more is the evolution of voice.  Poetry is the utterance of voice, and the Muse is real.  Poets who write with great conviction to the Muse are indeed possessed by poetics coloring everything they witness in lines.  

To have the opportunity to shape the multitudinous voice of an anthology with work from around the world is a rare opportunity for any writer/editor.  Yuyutsu is one of those exceptional breeds who are not only skilled artistically, but he is also a Muse, and he brings people together across borders and oceans, across cultural barriers as well.  

I met him only twice, briefly.  There was an instant cerebral connection, and passion was expressed freely, which in my frigid town, full of refugees, off Misery Bay, is an unusual experience.  We seemed to realize despite our different races, we are the same breed.  There are so few people open to the instantaneous passion of poetry, but Yuyu evokes it.  And he knows it, so he expresses gratitude for that rare gift, which made me want to give him my own gifts of poetry.  

Yuyu has given us the opportunity through the process of creating an anthology of the works of those he has touched with his expressive way.  He certainly is the only Poet I know who can pull off saying “crotch” with an elegance.  It is something so special to have the ability to pull utterance and expression out of people from different cultures, and it is even more amazing that he seems to know what people he meets need to be in contact with each other.  Then he makes it so.  His choice to bring Kathleen Gallaghar, Jen Pezzo, David Austell, and myself together as the Editorial Board was to bring people together who share a fierce passion for beauty and art.  Maybe the four of us mirror his passion in some way, and that’s what he sees in our collaboration.  Whatever the case may be, he has opened the dialogue to engage the passion for Muse, and it is a great hope of the Editorial Staff to do the Muse justice.

Tracie Morell
Poet/ Editor

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  1. Thank you so much for a lovely post, Tracie! It has been a pleasure to work with you and the others. There are a lot of exciting adventures ahead of us as we continue to work on the anthology!